Our plant packed business offers bespoke catering solutions for local businesses and ad-hoc small events. Full of flavour and ready to surprise your audience, let’s just say beige is most definitely banned on our watch.

Check out our fantastic menus below!

Business Catering

Totally annihilating bland beige buffets

If you truly value your team and need them to be their best possible selves in the business then work lunches must also be the best. It is a no brainer, the quality of food at the lunchtime buffet will reflect the quality of output for the afternoon. We are here for local businesses, enabling you to provide a super healthy, nutritious lunch for your wonderful team.

Let us also clarify, you definitely don’t need to follow a plant based diet to enjoy and devour our creative food. We are confident that whatever your teamies tastes’ and preferences we provide a flavour packed, fulfilling and conversation starting spread. Whether it’s a monthly management meeting, training session, strategic planning or appreciation day we can fuel you right.

Be inspired by our sample menus. All we ask is as much notice as possible, we are mighty yet mini while we grow our plant packed business.

Event Catering

Vibrant, soulful and downright delicious

Our colourful planet friendly catering is perfectly suited to small local events and gatherings.  In particular (but not limited to) we beautifully pair with the wellness industry.  In fact, we jointly founded our very own Yoga Supper Club with our bestie in life and business, the inspirational Yoga by Jenn.  Our YSC is a delightful combo of yoga, meditation and delish plant based meal with a bunch of like minded, supportive and bloody awesome peeps. We envisage growing this side of the business so we can feed more wonderful people.

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